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Q. Why should I hire an architect?

An architect's contribution to a building extends far beyond form and aesthetics. It can influence the perception, performance and value of your home or business.

No matter the scale or scope of your project, it makes sense to consult with a licensed architect. Only a licensed architect has the combination of technical competence, professional service and design ability to look after the needs of all aspects of your project.

An architect has the ability to first visualize then present drawings, renderings and 3D models to help you understand your project. An architect will create a design that is tailored to your needs, both now and in the future; one that is not only productive but also a pleasure for its occupants and visitors. An architect knows how to guide your project through the necessary approval processes and to coordinate with the required engineers and trades.

Consulting with a registered architect can result in cost savings. High quality design can reduce operating costs by maximizing the efficiency of the building. Innovative design will raise the value of the property. Allowing an architect to manage your project and coordinate the work of consultants and contractors in both the planning and construction phases can save you money.

In Ontario architects must be licensed by the Ontario Association of Architects. OAA registered professionals comply with the rules and regulations of the OAA, participate in regular, continuing education and development programs, and carry the Architect's Mandatory Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance to cover your project.






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