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The need to conserve energy will continue to grow as energy costs increase as a result of the reduction of our known energy reserves. North Americans have been identified as the greatest per capita users of energy, and the greatest per capita producers of waste in the world. For the past ten years, the 'dishonor' of being the worst has passed back and forth between Canadians and Americans. In Canada, building construction, heating, cooling and maintenance accounts for more than one third of the energy used in the country. Building 'green' is inevitable... the only question is how green a building will need to be in the future in order to remain sustainable.

Can you explain the LEED™ Building Rating System?
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Q1. Can you explain the LEED(TM) Building Rating System?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) is a generally accepted performance assessment green building rating systems that cover a wide range of criteria. LEED™ Canada is administered by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), a not-for-profit green building association. The goal of LEED™ is to develop buildings that are designed following a series of environmentally-sound design criteria ranging from sustainable site development to water efficiency, to a reduction of energy use and minimizing harm to the atmosphere, while making efficient use of materials and resources and improving indoor air quality. What sets LEED™ apart from other green rating systems is that it is a much more detailed and comprehensive rating system that includes a third party verification process and that requires green initiatives to meet minimum quantitative standards.

Buildings designed to LEED™ standards receive one of four 'grades', each with its own increasingly difficult set of criteria. The 'grades' are assigned based on the number of points obtained out of a total of 70 possible. Buildings can be rated as Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. There are currently approximately 200 buildings in Canada undergoing the LEED certification process.

Francis Lapointe of Lapointe Architects is a LEED™ Accredited Professional and would be happy to discuss the possibility of working with you to achieve a LEED™ rating for your project.


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